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Welcome to the NMT CSE Wiki! (est. 2015)

Need any help with the CSE department services, such as labs or accounts? Contact Information can be found through the link at the bottom of the page. A couple of classes require a CSE account and it is strongly recommended that new CS students get one asap.

How To:


We offer many services free of cost to students. These include private git hosting, continuous integration, webmail. We used to be able to provide free copies of Windows to students, however, Microsoft no longer offers this.

A Laptop with:

  • A modern/recent quad core processor (Intel i5, i7, i9/AMD Ryzen)
  • 16GB of RAM (8GB Minimum)
  • Running Windows or Linux (Ubuntu Based Distro Preferred)
  • Good battery life (8+hrs, typically a battery above 40Wh)
    • Gaming laptops are terrible for this
  • Light enough to carry around in a backpack
  • Solid State Drive

It is also recommended that the laptop is not a Macbook however a Macbook will work (note any ARM based Macbooks will be challenging to make work with your programming assignments).

It is highly recommended that you do not get a gaming laptop, these are notoriously bad in battery life, compatibility with Linux, weight, and size. Students have had *great success* with a “Business Class” Laptop, like a Lenovo ThinkPad T Series, a Dell Latitude 5000/7000 Series, HP ProBook, and System76 Laptops. If you want something that can run most games, and has great Linux compatibility, try a Dell Precision, Lenovo ThinkPad P Series, or an HP EliteBook.

Running a GNU/Linux Based Operating System as your main Operating System is HIGHLY recommended for all students!

Class Info

Student Groups

CS Speaker Series

The Computer Science Speaker Series is a set of talks given by people and researchers who work in the field of computer science. Here you can find video recordings of some of the talks that have been given.

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