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Megha , 2020/06/19 16:11

Testing, please confirm if you got this.

Justin , 2020/06/19 16:15

Hello, it’s Justin.

Subhasish Mazumdar, 2020/06/23 18:18

Great! I can see both the comments.

Fernando Martinez, 2020/07/14 23:44

Binary Numbers with a dice! Lesson Plan is amazingly planned and includes many resources. the inclusion of the Leopold Kronecker information was amazing and is perfect for deeper learning!

Carlos Carreon, 2020/07/15 18:13

WHAT IS A COMPUTER 3-5: This lesson gives the students an opportunity to collaborate about computers. The visuals are great and have good resources. I would use this as an intro to computers in my 2nd-grade class. Well done

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