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# How to run xv6/jos on a CSE machine

## 0: Get a CSE account

First, you'll need a CSE account. The instructions for getting one can be found at [https://account.cs.nmt.edu](https://account.cs.nmt.edu).

You can use the *guest* account on a lab machine, but your data will be deleted on logout!

## 1: Log into a CSE machine

You can SSH into a CSE login machine like so:

``` $ ssh USER@login.cs.nmt.edu ```

If you'd like to use qemu graphically, you should use this ssh command instead:

``` $ ssh -XYC USER@login.cs.nmt.edu ```

There are more in-depth instructions here. Or, of course, you can log into any CSE lab machine.

## 2: Make and run xv6/jos

We've created a wrapper script that'll run `make` with the right variables! First, cd into your git repository. Then it's as simple as:

``` $ 325make qemu-nox-gdb ```

If you'd like to also launch gdb at the same time you can run:

``` $ 325make –gdb ```

You can see all of the options available with `-h`:

``` $ 325make -h ```

Both of these commands will start up a tmux session. There's a good primer on tmux here.

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