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-====== NMT CSE Wiki ====== 
-Welcome to the NMT CSE Wiki! (//est. 2015//) 
-Need any help with the CS department services, such as labs or accounts? Contact Information can be found through the link at the bottom of the page. 
-===== How To: ===== 
-  * [[Accounts|Get a CSE Account]] 
-  * [[SSH|SSH into my Account]] 
-  * [[Accounts|Change my Password]] 
-  * [[Email|Access my Email]] 
-  * [[Site Hosting|Setup my Webpage]] 
-  * [[virtualbox|Set up a Virtual Machine]] 
-  * [[dropbox|Set up DropBox on Linux]] 
-  * [[issues|Submit an Issue]] 
-===== Services ===== 
-We offer many [[Services|services]] free of cost to students. These include [[https://​git.cs.nmt.edu|private git hosting]], [[https://​git.cs.nmt.edu|continuous integration]],​ OpenGL/CUDA machines, [[https://​webmail.cs.nmt.edu|webmail]],​ and [[https://​jupyter.cs.nmt.edu|online python]]. We used to be able to provide free copies of Windows to students, however, Microsoft no longer offers this. 
-===== Class Info ====== 
-[[xv6|[325] How to run xv6/jos]] 
-===== Student Groups ===== 
-  * [[https://​acm.cs.nmt.edu|NMT ACM Chapter]] 
-  * [[http://​www.socorrofp.org/​|Functional Programming Cafe]] 
-===== CS Speaker Series ===== 
-The [[:​csspeakerseries|Computer Science Speaker Series]] is a set of talks given by people and researchers who work in the field of computer science. Here you can find video recordings of some of the talks that have been given. 
-===== Contact Us ===== 
-[[sysadmin|System Administrators]] 
-[[issues|Submit an Issue]] 
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