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Setting Up My Webpage

Creating a Public HTML Directory

First, ssh into your account or access a CS department computer. If there is no 'public_html' folder, you can create it with the following commands:

mkdir ~/public_html
chmod a+x ~
chmod -R 755 ~/public_html

Now, you can add any files to this folder in order to host it online.

Adding to My Webpage

Every time you add public files to your 'public_html' folder, run the command:

chmod -R 755 ~/public_html

This will make all of the changes you have made publicly accessible.

Note that your browser may not automatically show you the changes. If after refreshing the page you see no changes, you can clear the browser's cache and try loading the page again.

Public Sharing

You and others can see this webpage at 'http://cs.nmt.edu/~username'.

Password protecting your webserver

Right now you need to email us at sysadmin@cs.nmt.edu to get this set up, please include your username.

Once you email us make a .htpasswd file by running cd ~ && mkdir ./public_html/.restricted && htpasswd -c ./public_html/.restricted/.htpasswd $USER

once that is done, everything in your ./public_html/restricted folder will be password protected

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