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 ======Submitting an Issue to the Sysadmins====== ======Submitting an Issue to the Sysadmins======
-Log in to a git.cs.nmt.edu and then access [https://git.cs.nmt.edu/sysadmins/issues]. From this page, you should be able to submit an issue.+If you've noticed bug, problem with the lab machines, or even want additional software for the labs, follow the following instructions to submit an issue. 
 +  * Log onto http://git.cs.nmt.edu 
 +  * Go to https://git.cs.nmt.edu/sysadmins/issues 
 +  * Switch over to the Issues tab on the top right 
 +  * Select the green "New Issue" button to the upper right 
 +  * Fill out the form that appears
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