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-====== IRC ====== 
-The department'​s IRC server is located at ''​irc.cs.nmt.edu:​6697''​. For people new to IRC, a good client is [[https://​hexchat.github.io/​|hexchat]]. 
-===== ZNC ===== 
-The department hosts an IRC bouncer (ZNC) at [[https://​znc.cs.nmt.edu]]. An IRC bouncer enables you to keep a log of what you miss when your client is offline, among many other things. Wikipedia has a [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​BNC_%28software%29#​IRC|description]]. 
-You can log into ZNC with two different passwords: 
-  - Your CSE password. 
-  - Whatever you enter into the '​Change Password'​ field in ZNC's settings. 
-Some IRC clients store passwords in plaintext, so it's generally a good idea to use a password other than your CSE credentials. 
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