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 ====== GitLab ====== ====== GitLab ======
-GitLab, unlike sshdoes not stand for anythingGitLab however is our department'git repository +GitLab is our department Git repository which is required for many CS classes and can be used for your own use too. Git lab is pretty straight forward as long as you understand how to use git. 
 +===== General Usage ===== 
 +You can access your GitLab account by going to git.cs.nmt.edu and logging in with you CS account by clicking the login button in the top right. Information on how to get a CS account can be found [[commons:accounts|here.]] 
 +===== Create a Repository ===== 
 +===== CloningPullingand Pushing to Gitlab ===== 
 +When using git the HTTPS method is not supported in favor for SSH authenticationWhen at the page for your repository under the name there is a textbox, in the text box is a link which you should use when running the ''git clone'' command or when referring to the repository from the git command. The link should be in the general format of ''git@git.cs.nmt.edu:<user>/<repository name>''. If it is not in this general format click the drop down list to the left of it, SSH should be selected, if it is not select it. 
 +By copying the link in that text box you can now clone the repository on your machine by running the following: 
 +<code>git clone git@git.cs.nmt.edu:<user>/<repository></code> 
 +Once done you can pull and push as you were with any other git repository.
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