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CSE Department Email

Upon requesting an account, you will be given a CSE department email. Your new address will be of the following format: 'username@cs.nmt.edu'. You can access this email account through http://webmail.cs.nmt.edu.

Setting Up Forwarding

For the moment, mail forwarding can only be done via ssh. From a login server, any email address added to the `.forward` file in your home directory will be forwarded to.

To edit this file you can do something like the following:

$ssh USER@login.cs.nmt.edu
$echo "username@gmail.com" > ~/.forward

If you have more than one email you would like to forward to, you can edit this '.forward' file to contain more than one email, each separated by a new line character.

Mail Client Settings

The following settings can be used to setup a mail client:

POP3S server: `cs.nmt.edu`
POP3S auth: STARTTLS | Port 995
SMTPS server: `cs.nmt.edu`
SMTPS auth: STARTTLS | Port 587

IMAPS server: `cs.nmt.edu`
IMAPS auth: STARTTLS | Port 993
SMTPS server: `cs.nmt.edu`
SMTPS auth: STARTTLS | Port 587

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