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 +====== Install Dropbox for Ubuntu ======
 +  - Download the latest .deb file from [[http://​dropbox.com/​install-linux|here]],​ if you are using the CSE-64.ova appliance that is on the file server then it is already downloaded for you in your ''​~/​Downloads''​ folder.
 +  - **cd** into the directory where the ''​.deb''​ file resides, usually ''​~/​Downloads''​.
 +  - Run the following command, replacing '​dropbox.deb'​ with the name of the ''​.deb''​ file on your system.
 +<​code>​sudo dpkg -i ./​dropbox.deb</​code>​
 +Once installed it will ask you to allow it to download and install a proprietary daemon, allow it and wait. If it does not prompt you run ''​dropbox start -i''​. Once complete your browser should pop-up asking for your dropbox credentials,​ login and your Dropbox should be at
 +===== If met with an error to the tune of 'unmet dependencies'​ run the following =====
 +<​code>​sudo apt-get -f install</​code>​
 +===== If Dropbox isn't starting on boot =====
 +First start dropbox by running this command
 +<​code>​dropbox start -i</​code>​
 +Then run this command to enable startup on boot.
 +<​code>​dropbox autostart y</​code>​