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-====== Install Dropbox for Ubuntu ====== 
-  - Download the latest .deb file from [[http://dropbox.com/install-linux|here]]. 
-  - **cd** into the directory in which you downloaded it. 
-  - run the following command 
-<code>sudo dpkg -i ./dropbox*.deb</code> 
-===== If met with an error to the tune of 'unmet dependencies' run the following ===== 
-<code>sudo apt-get -f install</code> 
-===== If Dropbox isn't starting on boot ===== 
-First start dropbox by running this command 
-<code>dropbox start</code> 
-Then click on the Dropbox icon on your tool bar and navigate to 'preferences'. Under the General tab click the check box that says "Start Dropbox on system startup". 
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