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-====== Getting and Using a CS Account ====== 
-===== Initial Request ===== 
-Any student of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology that is taking CSE classes is able to request a CSE computer and email account using their NMT credentials. Any student with a CSE account has access to all of the services described in the Services section. 
-In order to get an account, use the guest account on a CSE department computer and fill out the form at http://account.cs.nmt.edu . 
-===== Change My Password ===== 
-If you know your current password and would like to change it, either [[ssh]] into the CS login servers, or log in to any of the CS department computers and open a terminal. At the command line, type the command 'passwd'. 
-If you have forgotten your password, please go to either the sysadmin's office (Cramer 222) or the secretary's office (Cramer 230) with a student ID. 
-Please see our [[sysadmin|sysadmin office hours]]. 
-===== Terms and Conditions ===== 
-If any of the following conditions are met, your account may be frozen and you'll have to contact the sysadmins ( <sysadmin@lists.cs.nmt.edu> ) to reinstate your account. 
-  * change your password less than 1-2 times per year 
-  * login less than once a year 
-  * disrespectful use of the resources available to you through this account 
-===== Services ===== 
-The services offered to you through this account: 
-  * Email 
-  * GitLab 
-  * Continuous Integration 
-  * IRC 
-  * Jupyter (iPython Notebooks) 
-  * Microsoft Dreamspark 
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