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Getting and Using a CSE Account

NOTE: A CS account is different from an ITC account. To access the computing resources of the department, you will need to set up a CS Account. You can obtain an account in person at our office during our hours or by email at sysadmin@cs.nmt.edu. A valid ID such as a state or school issue is required for verification.


Our office is Cramer 222, which is located on the second floor of Cramer. Our team members' office hours are shown below.

Change Your Password

If you know your current password and would like to change it, either ssh into the CS login servers or open a terminal on one of our lab machines. At the command line, type the command 'passwd'.

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the sysadmin office with your student ID during our office hours.

Account Policies

If any of the following conditions are met, your account may be frozen and you'll have to contact the sysadmins to reinstate your account.

  • change your password less than 1-2 times per year
  • login less than once a year
  • disrespectful use of the resources available to you through this account
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