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 ====== Talks ====== ====== Talks ======
 ===== Fall 2017 ===== ===== Fall 2017 =====
 +==== The Computer Programming of Art ====
 +{{ :acm:talks:arttalk.png?nolink&200|}}
 +| Date     | November 17, 2017 |
 +| Speakers | Jesse Maes   |
 +| Slides   | [[https://gist.github.com/kebertx/5d05ba1ecf6c13ca48007f78e9114d3a|ipython notebook]] |
 +> It can be easy to get the impression that computer programming is all about "logic" and "efficiency" and "problem solving." Well you know what? Sometimes computer science is more art than science, Morty; a lot of people don't get that!
 +> At this week's ACM presentation, Jesse Maes will be showing us the basics of procedural art generation! Expect a Bob Ross style live demo, showcasing a few classic algorithms for creating pieces of visual art. Landscapes, paintings, trees, fractals... shapes! You name it! There's a ton of potential in programming for creativity and self expression - come see what you can do to a canvas with just few lines of code.
 +==== Computers at War ====
 +{{ :acm:talks:war.png?nolink&200|}}
 +| Date     | November 10, 2017 |
 +| Speakers | Jesse Crawford   |
 +| Slides   | {{ :acm:talks:war_slides.pdf |}} |
 +> This Friday, infamous NMT alumnus and historical rambler Jesse Crawford will discuss the codebreaking efforts of World War II and their significance in forming the modern computer industry.
 +> Between US and British efforts, a great deal of advanced technology we use today was originally developed to take a peek at German military communications.Alan Turing himself, remember, was a British cryptanalyst before he was a computer scientist. A particular focus will be given to the British codebreaking machine COLOSSUS, which would likely be known today as one of the most important early computers had it not been classified and then almost entirely forgotten until just the last decade.
 ==== theCaseForCamlAndTheWeb ==== ==== theCaseForCamlAndTheWeb ====
 {{ :acm:talks:webcaml.png?nolink&200|}} {{ :acm:talks:webcaml.png?nolink&200|}}
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 | Speakers | Kari Erickson   | | Speakers | Kari Erickson   |
 |          | Wes Harris      | |          | Wes Harris      |
-| Links    | [[https://github.com/pixarninja/bunny_massacre|Bunny Massacre Source]] |+| Links    | [[https://github.com/pixarninja/bunny_massacre|Bunny Massacre source code]] | 
 +|          | [[https://www.cs.nmt.edu/~kerickso/ACM_dot_game/|SVG dot game]] |
 > In honor of the upcoming Game Jam, Wes Harris and Kari Erickson will be demonstrating how to just, liek, maek gaem. > In honor of the upcoming Game Jam, Wes Harris and Kari Erickson will be demonstrating how to just, liek, maek gaem.
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