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-====== Talks ====== 
-===== Fall 2017 ===== 
-==== DevOps: It’s not dev, and it’s not ops ==== 
-{{ :acm:talks:devops.png?nolink&200|}} 
-| Date     | September 29, 2017 | 
-| Speakers | Jesse Crawford     | 
-| Slides   | {{ :acm:talks:devops_slides.pdf |}} | 
-| Links    | https://gitlab.com/jcrawfordor/gitlab-inception | 
-> In this one-hour special, self-proclaimed notable NMT alumnus and DevOps engineer Jesse Crawford will talk about the world of DevOps, which is both a career and a buzzword. Learn about how modern system administration looks more like programming than Linux wizardry, and how cloud-native organizations are managing their hardware just like their software: with Git. We’ll talk about configuration management, modern IT operations practices, and The Cloud and what’s really different about it. This will be a look at a whole career path that you don’t hear about at Tech. Other buzzwords covered include: PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, horizontal scaling, webscaling, synergy, internet RAM-swapping openGL; AOL keyword devops. 
-==== How the Web Was Won (Point 0) ==== 
-{{ :acm:talks:howthewebwaswon.png?nolink&200|}} 
-| Date     | September 22, 2017 | 
-| Speakers | Aaron Hudson       | 
-|          | Hugo Rivera        | 
-| Slides   | {{ :acm:talks:webwaswon_slides.pdf |}} | 
-> This week's student speakers, Aaron Hudson and Hugo Rivera, present a talk on the history and practice of web development. 
-> Have you ever wanted to know more about how software is written for the modern web? How are they delivered to billions of people? And how might things have turned out differently if history had taken a different turn or two? What if history had overlooked ''http'' and given us ''gopher'' instead? 
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