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Game Jam Event Grant



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title: Game Jame Event Grant
date: September 20th, 2017
author: NMT ACM Student Chapter
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The NMT ACM Student Chapter (Association for Computing Machinery) requests \$300
for food, drinks, and prizes for the upcoming Game Jam. The Game Jam is a 48 hour
competition to create video games, hosted semesterly by the NMT ACM chapter. In
past years there has consistently been a turnout of 20-30 people that actively
contribute with art, code, writing, and music. The event has also consistently
enjoyed a high turnout of students that come to see and try Techie-made games.
The Game Jam has always been an event open to all students on campus; it brings
together students with a diverse set of skills and degrees in the pursuit of
making rad games. This semester we're planning bigger, and will be significantly
increasing the turnout of students not affiliated with the Computer Science
The competition will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of October in Cramer
As in previous semesters, up to \$250 would be put towards purchasing food and
drink for those competing over the three-day event. The remaining \$50 would be
used for purchasing prizes.
A decision is requested by October 6th.
Yours in computing,
Kari Erickson\\
President, NMT ACM
Louis Jencka\\
Treasurer, NMT ACM
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