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-====== Game Jam Event Grant ====== 
-===== Versions ===== 
-  * {{ :acm:gamejam:grant_s15.pdf |}} 
-===== Source ===== 
-''pandoc grant.md -o grant.pdf'' 
-<code markdown grant.md> 
-title: Game Jame Event Grant 
-date: March 20th, 2016 
-author: NMT ACM Student Chapter 
-   - \usepackage{fourier} 
-The NMT ACM chapter (Association for Computing Machinery) requests \$250 for 
-food, drink, and prizes for the upcoming Game Jam. The Game Jam is a 48 hour 
-competition to create video games, hosted semesterly by the NMT ACM chapter. In 
-past years there has consistently been a turnout of 20-30 people that actively 
-contribute with art, code, writing, and music. The event has also consistently 
-enjoyed a high turnout of students that come to see and try Tech-made games. 
-The competition will take place from the 25th to the 27th of March in Cramer 
-Hall. As always, this event is open to all students on campus. 
-As in previous semesters, up to \$200 would be put towards purchasing food and 
-drink for those competing over the three-day event. The remaining \$50 would be 
-used for purchasing prizes. 
-A decision is requested by March 24th. 
-Yours in computing, 
-Kari Erickson\\ 
-President, NMT ACM 
-Louis Jencka\\ 
-Treasurer, NMT ACM 
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