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-====== Cover Letter ====== 
-===== Versions ===== 
-* {{ :acm:documents:cover_f17.pdf | Fall 2017 Cover Letter }} 
-===== Source ===== 
-''pandoc cover.md -o cover.pdf'' 
-<code - cover.md> 
-documentclass: letter 
-   - \usepackage{fourier} 
-   - \signature{Kari Erickson\\President, NMT ACM \\ \vspace{1.5cm} Louis Jencka\\Treasurer, NMT ACM} 
-   - \address{NMT ACM \\ CSE Department \\ 801 Leroy Pl \\ Socorro NM 87801} 
-   Student Government Association \\ 
-   New Mexico Tech \\ 
-   801 Leroy Pl \\ 
-   Socorro NM 87801 
-\opening{To whom it may concern:} 
-I am writing in relation to the Association for Computing Machinery's Fall 
-2017 club application. As you may know, the Association for Computing Machinery 
-(ACM) is the leading technical society for pure Computer Science. This semester, 
-as always, the ACM student chapter at New Mexico Tech looks 
-forward to hosting alumni speakers, research presentations by students, 
-programming and cybersecurity competitions, and skills seminars. 
-\textbf{Club Description} 
-The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the premier technical society 
-for computer science and information technology majors. The NMT student chapter 
-provides many personal and career enrichment opportunities to the NMT student 
-body, including programming competitions, game jams, alumni speakers, and 
-the NMT ACM technical presentation series. NMT ACM is a great way to get 
-involved with your fellow CS/IT students and further develop your professional 
-network and skills. 
-The NMT ACM is not in possession of any SGA property. 
-To support our programming, we are requesting a total of \$300.00. 
-First, we are requesting \$240 to cover the purchase of food for some of our 
-events. We host presentations weekly by students, alumni, and industry 
-professionals, usually in the evenings during dinner hours. At 16 meetings per 
-semester this is a cost of only \$15 a meeting. We receive some support from the 
-CSE department for larger events, and approach the SGA for support with covering 
-the remainder of this expense. 
-Second, we are requesting \$50 to cover miscellaneous expenses involved in 
-presentations and competitions. We often need to purchase supplies and small 
-prizes for our programs, and from time to time our programs require technical 
-services from other university departments and third parties. These 
-presentations and competitions help CS and IT students to develop their 
-technical and soft skills. 
-Third, we are requesting \$10.00 in operating costs to cover expenses 
-associated with our TCC and CSE department accounts and our virtual machine 
-hosted by the CSE department. 
-\textbf{Volunteer Hours} 
-To meet the SGA's requirements for volunteer hours this semester, the NMT ACM is 
-planning on hosting a Game Jam open to the whole student body. The Game Jam is a 
-48 hour competition to create a functioning video game that demonstrates the 
-creative and technical skills of its participants. In semesters past this event 
-has attracted a large number of students from across campus, and we have 
-ambitious plans to further grow the event. 
-\closing{Yours in computing,} 
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