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Cover Letter



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documentclass: letter
   - \usepackage{fourier}
   - \signature{Kari Erickson\\President, NMT ACM \\ \vspace{1.5cm} Louis Jencka\\Treasurer, NMT ACM}
   - \address{NMT ACM \\ CSE Department \\ 801 Leroy Pl \\ Socorro NM 87801}

   Student Government Association \\
   New Mexico Tech \\
   801 Leroy Pl \\
   Socorro NM 87801
\opening{To whom it may concern:}

I am writing in relation to the Association for Computing Machinery's Fall
2017 club application. As you may know, the Association for Computing Machinery
(ACM) is the leading technical society for pure Computer Science. This semester,
as always, the ACM student chapter at New Mexico Tech looks
forward to hosting alumni speakers, research presentations by students,
programming and cybersecurity competitions, and skills seminars.

\textbf{Club Description}

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the premier technical society
for computer science and information technology majors. The NMT student chapter
provides many personal and career enrichment opportunities to the NMT student
body, including programming competitions, game jams, alumni speakers, and
the NMT ACM technical presentation series. NMT ACM is a great way to get
involved with your fellow CS/IT students and further develop your professional
network and skills.


The NMT ACM is not in possession of any SGA property.


To support our programming, we are requesting a total of \$300.00.

First, we are requesting \$240 to cover the purchase of food for some of our
events. We host presentations weekly by students, alumni, and industry
professionals, usually in the evenings during dinner hours. At 16 meetings per
semester this is a cost of only \$15 a meeting. We receive some support from the
CSE department for larger events, and approach the SGA for support with covering
the remainder of this expense.

Second, we are requesting \$50 to cover miscellaneous expenses involved in
presentations and competitions. We often need to purchase supplies and small
prizes for our programs, and from time to time our programs require technical
services from other university departments and third parties. These
presentations and competitions help CS and IT students to develop their
technical and soft skills.

Third, we are requesting \$10.00 in operating costs to cover expenses
associated with our TCC and CSE department accounts and our virtual machine
hosted by the CSE department.

\textbf{Volunteer Hours}

To meet the SGA's requirements for volunteer hours this semester, the NMT ACM is
planning on hosting a Game Jam open to the whole student body. The Game Jam is a
48 hour competition to create a functioning video game that demonstrates the
creative and technical skills of its participants. In semesters past this event
has attracted a large number of students from across campus, and we have
ambitious plans to further grow the event.

\closing{Yours in computing,}

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